Pristine Labs is an independent cannabis testing laboratory committed to providing the highest quality analytical data that is accurate, fast, and defendable for all material analyzed in it's facility. Our commitment is supported by analytical testing methodologies that are based upon published, peer-reviewed, methods which have been validated for cannabis testing.

Pure Cannabis Testing
Our testing can guarantee Michigan’s Cannabis Users have only pristine products.
Pristine Labs is an ISO 17025 accredited facility and meets all regulatory compliance requirements established by the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA).



Victoria Longueuil

Director of Laboratory Services

Victoria Longueuil is the Director of Laboratory Services for Pristine Labs. She is responsible for the management of the laboratory’s day-to-day operations and regulation. Driven by providing the best results possible, she takes pride in finding efficiency and organization in the expanding field of cannabinoid analysis. She is excited to have been part of this venture from its inauguration and looks forward to seeing its growth.

 Victoria earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Wayne State University in 2017 and is a member of the American Chemical Society. Having originally focused her studies in cancer biology, she expanded her retinue to include aspects of clinical toxicology, chemistry, and hematology. She also manages operations and staff at a private physician-owned CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and COLA (Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation) certified, high complexity clinical laboratory. Victoria was instrumental in starting COVID, RSV, and Flu testing programs at this lab site and it was with this level of leadership and resourcefulness that she was a natural choice to lead the genesis of and ongoing operations at Pristine Labs.

 In her free time, Victoria has an eclectic mix of hobbies including hiking, camping, and backpacking in the mountains with her with her husband and son, dancing with a local ballet and jazz company, and making things from all categories of crafts.

robert vicary pic

Robert Vicary

Laboratory Technologist

A Native Michigander Born and raised, Robert graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry, from Grand Valley State University in 2013. Prior to joining Pristine as our Laboratory Technologist, Robert worked in roles of increasing responsibility with National Testing Laboratories where he honed his skillset in high complexity testing and analysis.

Robert has always felt at home in the Mitten state, whether it be tubing down to Au Sable River, hiking Sleeping Bear dunes, or cheering the Redwings at Little Caesars Arena. When he is not working in the lab, Robert enjoys doing historical reenactments with his theater troupe, swinging swords at Renaissance Festivals doing stage combat shows, and playing board games with his friends. He is also an avid cook; always experimenting in the kitchen, with his homemade apple pie being his magnum opus.


Alexis Happy

Laboratory Technician

Alexis graduated from the University of Michigan in 2022, being one of eleven students to graduate with two undergraduate degrees. She earned a BS in biochemistry so that she would be able to perform, understand, and interpret analytical test results. She also earned a BA in sociology to understand the incorporation of cannabis into people's lifestyles. Alexis entered the cannabis industry in 2020, first working as a budtender. While working at the provisioning center, she was able to gain hands-on sociology experience helping people of the community with their cannabis goals. After working in retail for a year, she began working as a cultivator. Alexis was a room lead who overlooked a hydroponic flower room for about a year.

After accomplishing her goals as a cultivator, she worked her way up in a cannabis manufacturing laboratory, learning how to extract and produce different types of concentrate. Even though she loves working with live plants and learning about the separation chemistry that produces different concentrates, Alexis has always had a desire to work in a cannabis testing laboratory. In her free time, Alexis loves to travel and try new activities.  Her favorite adventures include ziplining over the Smoky Mountains, as well as exploring Ireland.